OEB Conference, Berlin

St George’s University of London and Bayer have been invited to participate to the OEB Conference that will take place in Berlin on 6-8 December to disseminate the WAVES project.

OEB is a cross-sector conference that brings the participants to the forefront of learning and technology developments, shows the latest best practice from leading organisations and allow participants to meet, discuss and network with policy makers, higher education leaders, chief learning officers, technology & learning experts, learning and development professionals, change managers, ICT administrators, online learning curriculum designers and many many more.

The WAVES session will be an interactive session for participants to get a hands on experience of creating virtual scenarios and understanding the concept.

Furthermore, OEB, published in their “Insides” section, the article “The WAVES project from Bayer and St George’s, University of London” co-written by Stephen Taylor, Lindsay Germain and Chara Balasubramaniam from Bayer and Sheetal Kavia and Terry Poulton from St George’s, University of London.

More information can be found here: https://oeb.global/conference

2. 11. 2017