WAVES meeting in MEFANET, Brno

The 4th WAVES face-to-face meeting took place on 27th and 28th November 2017 in Brno, Czech Republic. The project meeting was followed by the 11th MEFANET conference where the WAVES project delivered a workshop and a Key Note presentation focused on Scenario Based Learning and WAVES outcomes.

Members from each of the 6 project partners attended and participated within the two days face-to-face meeting.  The meeting was an opportunity to share and discuss the key deliverables completed since the last face-to-face meeting such as the integration of VS systems with learning platforms like the MOOC platform called FutureLearn.  The meeting started with discussions around WP3 and the development of the non-technical tool kit but in particular showcases the developments of the MOOC as part of D3.5. There were discussions on the next steps and approaches to take for the MOOC steps and discussion over deadlines of content and collaboration of teams to complete the work for the MOOC. The main objective of the MOOC is to raise awareness about the importance of using transformational education as well as to give tools on how to create and use SBL in education.

Key decisions on partners input for the next steps of the evaluation were discussed in accordance to the timeline of deliverables and a review of current evaluation methods, instruments and data was made.

Project key indicators were reviews and discussed for the quality report and processes to ensure work is going on according to our plans. The partners then split into two working groups to plan the sustainability strategy of three of the key deliverables of the project; WAVES network; Technical Toolkit; MOOC. During the meeting, our partners also worked on the quality and evaluation of the project outcomes as well as the strategy to make the project outputs self-sustainable over the time.

Finally the partners reviewed the next steps for the project for the final year of the project including decisions being made for the next two face-to-face meetings and main dissemination event to be held in London late 2018.

The meeting was very productive and enjoyable and it was followed by the MEFANET conference where the WAVES team disseminated some of their work in a conference workshop and keynote presentation (more information can be found on the MEFANET post).

18. 12. 2017