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Question ID 5 (10. 10. 2018)

Linear, semi-linear or branched virtual scenario?

What is better, a linear, semi-linear or branched virtual scenario?


The not simple answer is: It depends! The educational setting has an impact, resources for creation, system, etc.. Linear virtual scenarios sometimes are easier to create, referring to different options and paths i still possible in a linear VS. A branched VS might be more exciting for the participant, the stories and decision points have to be designed carefully to not let users get frustrated choosing a problematic path. One important educational aspect could be whether users work is discussed later in face to face sessions, or it’s completely self paced learning without any feedback. Overall the difference seems to be less critical than you might think of. Please also have in mind, that learners very often want to see everything, so make sure users have the option at the end to see also paths they didn’t choose initially, this is already all set in linear or semi-linear approaches. Good storytelling is important for both variants. VS scenarios are tools, you have to get used to these, so also take the one which is easier for you!

Question ID 4 (10. 10. 2018)

What systems are there to create VS?

What systems are there to create VS? Are they free?


Depends on discussion related to using tools….

Question ID 3 (10. 10. 2018)


Where can i find examples of virtual scenarios?


Through the WAVES project the partners have made a number of their virtual scenarios public for you to see and use. These can be found here.

Question ID 2 (9. 10. 2018)

What is a virtual scenario (VS)?

What is a virtual scenario (VS)?


Virtual Scenarios are online simulation of situations or challenges for the purpose of teaching or training. Virtual scenarios can be created for any discipline or topic where the person playing the scenario has to make decisions or choices. A typical and well known version of virtual scenarios are Virtual patients which are scenarios based around patient cases.

Question ID 1 (9. 10. 2018)

What is SBL

What is scenario-based learning (SBL)?


Scenario-based learning is a method to teach or train through a realistic situation, challenge or problem. This can be delivered in a number of different ways, such as online, through role playing or via gaming software.